The Power of One Project


AboutThe Client

Today, The Power of One Project collects the contributions of so many individuals all ‘doing something’ which all put together makes a massive difference.  The project provides the opportunity for individuals to make unique differences as it was important that people are able to do something in their own way – whether it’s financial support, helping in some way big or small for The Morning of Morning Teas, creating our online presence, organising, empowering, coaching and above all caring.

Today The Power of One Project is a registered Charity, a significant contributor to The Cradle of Love Baby Home and the journey to expand our reach has begun to allow more people to find fulfilment in their different contributions and passions.

I am Anne White.   I am just one person.  And I did something.  If I can do it, you can too.  We’ll continue to keep ‘doing something’ until our contributions are no longer required. At that time we will be looking at a new world and a breakthrough for humanity.

The Power of One Project Founder

Anne White